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Decision Time

Topics covered in part 1:

Palisades, 10:00, 18:15, 23:00

Palisade micro-needles measure a person's inflammatory response to the vaccine by monitoring biomarkers.

A palisade is a sharp, pointed, fang-like stake that was used as a defensive structure. The device is then scanned and will be proof of your vaccination.

. Embryonic cells

. Vaccine injury

. Bill Gates - vaccine injury in India

Topics covered in part 2:

. The mark of the Beast

It is not YET the mark of the Beast

. Side effects of the vaccine

. Quantum dot tattoo

Powered and monitored by what's known as Luciferase

This technology will be the energy source for a trans-human operating system 46:00

It will contain all of one's identification and information by what's supposed to be "a vaccination."

. How does the vaccine actually alter human DNA? 52:00

. How is it deployed in human and animal cells?

CRISPR-Cas9 guides an enzyme called cas-9 to a particular spot in the genome, your genetic DNA

code. The enzyme slices through both strands of DNA.

Cuts are used to disable or snip out certain genes

. Bio-surveillance 54:00

. Bill Gates investor in Crisper, talks about it 58:00

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