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Pastor JD Farag

Bible Prohecy Updates


Pastor JD is one of the most reliable sources of information on what's happening in the world as it concerns believers. He thoroughly researches and vets all the information he puts out. Below is his most recent broadcast. 

On the right is a list of his most informative information from the past recent months.

Pastor JD has been on top of what's been happening since the beginning of the ordeal. I've kept some of his major broadcasts from back in the beginning. These are worth viewing again, because he delivers a lot of information on what it's all about. See them here in the panel on the right.

September 18

Pastor JD talks about the prophetic significance of this month of September being a “September to Remember.”

September 11

Pastor JD talks very candidly about today’s powerful prophetic demonic deception in this last hour before the rapture.

September 4

Pastor JD talks about the well-known cliché, “follow the money” from a prophetic perspective as it relates to a cashless digital currency and a social credit score system

August 28

Pastor JD explains why it is that it cannot be much longer before the rapture and the time of the end.