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Pastor JD Farag

Bible Prohecy Updates

Pastor JD is one of the most reliable sources of information on what's happening in the world as it concerns believers. He thoroughly researches and vets all the information he puts out. Below is his most recent broadcast. 

On the right is a list of his most informative information from the past recent months.

Pastor JD has been on top of what's been happening since the beginning of the ordeal. I've kept some of his major broadcasts from back in the beginning. These are worth viewing again, because he delivers a lot of information on what it's all about. See them here in the panel on the right.

January 22

Pastor JD explains how and why everything that’s happening in the world today has the common denominator of being against Jesus Christ.

January 15

Pastor JD explains how the idiom, “Playing Both Sides Against The Middle” describes the end times prophetic picture painted in scripture.

January 8

Pastor JD explains how the devastation in the world presently, can actually serve as the motivation for our final destination in eternity.

December 18

Pastor JD offers a word of encouragement for those with a shameless excitement about the rapture, despite all the criticizing and ostracizing.

December 11

Pastor JD talks about how we are now seeing the final puzzle pieces being put in place.

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