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. A Godless Cop Came To Understand Christ’s Death on The Cross

. A Gun In One Hand, A Bible In The Other

. A Hitchhiking Hippie’s Quest For Spiritual Enlightenment

. Adam – Where Are You?

. Adoniram and Ann Judson: Spent For God/Burma

. Avalanche

. Be In Christ

. Born Again – Artist Danny Hahbolm’s Testimony

. Charles Spurgeon, The Prince Of Preachers +

. Christian Near Death Testimony – Rhonda’s Story

. Deliverance From Demonic Affliction

. Does It Matter Which Religion You Choose?

. Don’t Let Discouragement Take Your Strength

. Escaping a Desperate Situation

. Evan Roberts and The Welsh Revival

. Exposing The Enemy – Exposing the Devil

. Faith That Wavers

. Fake Christians - Counterfeit Christianity 

. George Muller - A Cloud of Witnesses

. Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman With A Great God

. God Said This Is Your Last Chance To Make A Decision

. God’s School of Brokenness

. Have The Attitude of Christ

. He Saw The Lake of Fire That No One Wants To End Up At

. He Was Convinced It Was From God – But It Wasn’t

. How Deceived I Was In New Age Beliefs

. I Didn’t Know Truth Until Truth Became My Identity

. Jesus Christ Saves Throw-Away People – And She Was One

. Jesus Endured Our Rejection - That We Might Be Accepted

. John Wesley - A Great Man Of God

. John Wycliffe - Persecuted by the Church

. Lead Us Not Into Temptation

. Let Me Live – Or Let Me Die

. Maria Woodworth Etter

. Martin Luther: A Return to Grace

. Meet The Real Jesus

. Miracles at the Crucifixion of Christ

. Obedience -The Evidence of a Firm Foundation

. Pilate’s Dilemma

. Prepare to Meet Thy God

. Priscilla Was Steeped In New Age Beliefs

. Seven Common Indications Of A Curse

. She Felt Sorry For ‘Brainwashed Christians’

. She Gets Choked Up Telling Her Story

. She Overcame A Life of Abuse Through God’s Help

. She Was A God-Hating Satanic Priestess

. Spiritual Pride Is Ugly

. Stop Trusting in Man and Depend on God Alone

. Surely I Will Call Upon God

. The All-Inclusive Lineage of Jesus Christ

. The Church at Satan's Throne

. The Deaths Dwight L Moody Suffered

. The Fanny Crosby Story

. The Groanings of the Holy Spirit

. The Hard Truth

. The Power and Message of the Cross

. The Proof Is Out There

. The Reliability Of Bible

. The Resurrection Of Christ

. The Road To Heaven

. The Trial Of Your Faith Is More Precious Than Gold

. Treasures In The Darkness

. Unplanned Trip To Hell

. What Difference Can I – Even I – Make?

. What Does God Want From You?

. What Is ‘Rightly Dividing?’

. What Is The True Gospel?

. What Was I Doing In A Christian Church?!

. What's In Between Ask And Receive

. When The End Comes, Where Will You Be?

. Why The Cross Is A Stumbling Block To The Jews